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Hear how God used  the Navigators at New York University to change the life of Susan, a former student


"The 88 colleges and universities within a 75-mile radius of the Empire State Building spread out like the 88 keys on a piano keyboard, waiting for God to play His symphony on every one. The Navigators Collegiate Ministry has been at work on campus for over 30 years in NYC, and is poised to influence more campuses than ever before in the coming years.  


We have the joy of reaching the young and seeking, so that they can impact not only their generation but generations to come. We are reaching and discipling a deeply strategic group of tomorrow’s leaders in the most culturally influential city in the world, in order to see the gospel advance everywhere. 


In New York we are upstream of culture, and on campus we are upstream of the world’s future leadership. We can reach not only today’s culture but tomorrow’s generations by reaching the young and seeking on NYC’s campuses."


-Peter Trautmann, NYC Colliegate Director

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