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Ernie Scalabrin
•    Born and raised in Northern New Jersey. Associated with The Navigators for 36 years since coming to Christ as a student at Rutgers University in New
      Brunswick, NJ.
•    Involved with ministry to youth in a wide range of contexts, suburban and inner-city. Have also been on staff with NavYouth of The Navigators.
•    Navigator Staff since 1995, currently serving as missionary to the Greater NYC Area in Northern NJ and Southern NYS.  Discipleship of adults in the
      community in neighborhoods and workplace. Currently lead 4 public school Bible Study clubs from within four local public schools. Work with churches
      to created intentional disciple-making cultures within.
•    Married to Judy Scalabrin since August 28th, 1993.
•    Have three children, Ernest-John, Rebecca, & Crystal
•    1990-2001:  Ten years of inner-city boys mentoring ministry in Elizabeth, NJ from within the public schools. Helped found Restore Ministries Inc. to
      minister to inner-city youth teaching them life skills and to follow Christ.
•    2003- present:  Scores of young people led to Christ and discipled in the community through Bible Clubs within public schools over the past 14 years.  
      Planning to open more clubs and train more who can also lead them.
•    Reached many families in the community for Christ. Discipleship of men in the community and in the workplace.
•    Currently working with churches to train in discipleship and create intentional disciple-making cultures within.
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